Holistic Travel is:

an opportunity to get an exclusive treatment, get rid of depression and stress;

highly qualified specialists with over 20 years of experience in various fields of holistic medicine, including phytotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic therapy;

an opportunity to not only significantly improve your health, but also find harmony in your relationship with nature, family, and the world;

an opportunity to lose weight, maintain healthy lifestyle and rejuvenate.

Holistic Travel is an opportunity to discover the unique world, nature and cultural diversity of Sardinia, Peru and Ecuador, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana, Vietnam and Bhutan. 

Holistic Travel is a Journey inside of you. With us, you will be able to feel yourself as an infinite part of the infinite Universe… 


Many thousands of years ago, Indian civilizations already knew the healing properties of the herbs and plants of the Amazonia region. Based on the work of various researchers, as well as many years of experience of Holistictravel staff, one can conclude that the results of taking these healing natural medicines have been entirely positive for resolving both psychological and general health issues of patients. Each healer has his/her own healing method and medicine recipes that have cumulatively resulted from traditions and personal experience. 


Our specialist will treat you with volcanic stones of the Andes. A healer of the highlands of Peru, the healer uses special stones that hold and channel particular energies. The healer looks for and collects them in the regions of the Andes mountain range, and considers these stones as living creatures that assist in healing rituals. The range of health conditions that can be cured with healing stones is pretty vast.  As we know, a human body has specific zones and active spots that are linked to body illnesses and neurological disorders. By stimulating such zones with the stones of different weight, type and temperature, it is possible to cure various health conditions, such as chronic fatigue, stress, insomnia, migraine, joint disorders, and back pain, in particular. Furthermore, a special stone stimulation can be used for a trauma rehabilitation.

Chiropratic Therapy

Throughout the ages, most primitive societies developed some kind of empirical manipulative or hands on medicine. In Ancient Greece manipulation of the spine existed as we can see on the “bas relief” in some Aesculapius temples where healing arts were practiced. Chinese medicine has also used manipulation as well as Indian Ayurveda. In more contemporary times chiropractic and osteopathy have developed from Anglo Saxon countries and spread internationally, the scientific basis of the effects and benefits of correct and specific manipulation have been laid by chiropractic through a functional approach to neurology. Benefits of good manipulation go from the relief of musculoskeletal pain to more general and organic effects coming from changes in neurovegetative output. Stress and emotionally related disorders benefit from specific manipulative techniques.