Amazonia Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

The participants of a tour can go on excursion on a motor boat to enjoy sightseeing and local nature, see indians – the indigenous population of Amazonia, extraordinary plants and animals, and many more.

                                                The tour will be held in accordance and alignment with the Peruvian laws and regulations.

Zafiro Amazon River Cruise

Zafiro is a brand new upscale luxury vessel providing exqisite tours for travelers along the Amazon river. Glide through the mysteries of the jungle and the flowing Amazon aboard the stylish Zafiro with all purpose en-suite sitting areas and panoramic view floor-to-ceiling windows with a separate balcony overlooking the Amazon River. Four adjacent suites are ideal for families. One suite is fully equipped for travelers with disabilities.

Master Suite 23 m2 / 247.57 ft2 include 90-degree front-facing windows, air conditioning, a bathroom and a living room.
A crew of 20 professionals headed by the Cruise Director will address all of your onboard needs.

Two bilingual (English/Spanish) Guides Naturalists are here and ever ready to introduce you to the local natural wonders.

Sardinia Workshop

As soon as you step on the ancient Sardinian soil warmed by the rays of sun, with its wonderful beaches, dunes shaped by the wind, deep caves, lush countryside and majestic cliffs, you will immediately feel the intense but magically caressing scent that, with the breeze of the Mistral, permeates the whole island. The scent of local herbs and plants which bear ancient healing traditions and the cultural legacy of the independent, adventurous, welcoming and cheerful Sardinian people, full of dignity and inner beauty. With this magical aroma, we immerse ourselves in the depth of deep-rooted Sardinian traditions including the secret of longevity. Hence, the secret is simple. A glass of wine, healthy food, true friendships, family values, and the importance of the role of women, custodians of the family hearth.

The workshop will be held in accordance and alignment with the Italian laws and regulations.