Anastassia Yastrzhembskaya

A human being is being born for joy only.

Anything that doesn’t bring us joy should be eliminated from our lives.

I am joyful and thankful to God for bringing Amazonia into my life.

We will do everything possible to provide comfort for you.  My husband and I love this project very much. To see joy in people’s eyes is an irreplaceable happiness.

Sergey Yastrzhembsky

I remember one day I was driving for almost 10 hours straight without any discomfort or pain in my back.  And before I would feel it in a couple of hours!  Ever since, I have never experienced anything close to that pain, even despite of heavy physical loads during our expeditions and working out!  In addition, my skin condition has significantly improved, and no relapse of the prostate problems, knock on wood!

S. Yastrzhembsky

Stella Maria Shishkina

I am deeply impressed. I can endlessly talk on this subject… But to really sum it up, it helps to learn and discover oneself. Therefore, I think it is important for any human being. 

Thank you so much!


Eugenia Goriainova

This healing was the revelation of the last year for me.  I’ve got convinced that there are powers in the world that we are unable to see, we are unable to make sure of their material existence.  But they do exist and they work, they help humans if they ask for help.  

My worldview has changed.  My understanding of the world in general has also changed.  Certain things have become more clear to me, some stopped being important, and as practice shows, they are truly not important.  It was a powerful push for me towards the re-evaluation of all of my life foundations that I previously believed in and considered them right.  In its practical meaning, let’s say in a more tangible way, it seems to me that as a result of such acquaintance with the plant, I have started working.  I have a job that I like and I enjoy doing it.  I am pleased with such a result from my communication with the plant.  Precisely, the knowing of the vine itself – with this… I would say… with this very serious power that has flipped my life – gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate everything.  Something new has come into my life that I like very much.

Galiya Tkhor

It was the best trip in my life! 

The trip along Amazon river. 

So many emotions and so many memories! My friends, join Holistictravel! Thank you @anastassia_yastrzhembskiy

Galiya Tkhor

Zoya Kiseleva

Zoya has found us through an agency.

A trip to Peru with Holistictravel was the best in my life! I am anxiously looking forward to one more chance in life to go back to that wonderful country again together with Holistictravel so I can keep learning about that ancient wisdom, which cannot be known completely even in a lifetime! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Nastia and Serioja. I love you very much. Yours “Amazoika”

Zoya Kiseleva  

Natalia Soloviov

Dear Nastenka,
Thank you for a wonderful trip, the most inspiring voyage of all – the one inside of me. This “traveling” experience changed my perception of life – which became in the same time with detachment and with a greater focus.
I was always searching to achieve a harmony with the world, to accept life the way it is and my previous attempts trough meditation, seminars and courses didn’t give as much result as this practice with you.
I’m looking forward to repeat this experience and to deepen this state of well-being.
Again thank so much!

Inna Fedoseeva

Our trip to Peru has become rather the most memorable of all of our trips together.  Thank you the professional crew of Holistictravel for that smart way of providing the information, lectures before the ritual and comfortable conditions.  I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think that we would get that brave and participate in the ritual twice.  However, several months later, I want to say with confidence that this healing has a serious positive effect on health  both physical and spiritual.  I think that sooner or later we will join you again!  Thank you! 

Inna Fedoseeva

Amir & Tatiana

Dear Sergei and Nastia,

Taniusha says hi.  I would like to take this opportunity and express one more time my deepest appreciation and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for that moment you gave us!!! For those who are still thinking about going on a trip or not, I would like to say this: “Drop everything and just go with Holistictravel even jumping-off place”, because Sergei and Nastia are people who want to give and share the best “YUMMY GOODIES” of this planet that they have ever seen, tasted, tried and experienced.  They invest their souls and get satisfaction from the fact that their friends are happy from just communicating and being with them and each other, and from their professionalism. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF HEART!!!

Sincerely, The Gallyamovs, Amir and my beloved Tatiana 

Dmitri Antadze

One could hardly find a person in this world, who wouldn’t agree that there is no more elevated feeling than a state of contemplation, finding and re-inventing of the world.  In my opinion, only in this instance, a curtain raises to uncover everyone’s huge desire of inner growth, by means of which we comprehend these sensitive nuances that life surrounds us with.  Introspection and self-analysis of my inner world is very important to me, a person who does art.  Remarkably, that both the session with healer have done what I couldn’t even imagine: all my ailments (allergy, insomnia, and breathing problems) that had been bothering me for a decade were gone in one session. Most interestingly, there was a journey waiting for me…. a journey to the world where I could come in contact with a great orphic mystery of the divine beginning of the world and a human being, and to feel it through dimensions that lie deep inside of each of us… and to my biggest regret, as per the values and the development of the humankind, they are asleep and idle because of outdated issues of the modern world.  Be oneself, face the truth, start cleansing one’s subconscious mind, become wiser and come back with extraordinary knowledge – that is what this unforgettable journey named Amazon healing tour can give.

Natasha Petrova

YOU need to be alone with yourself…, look at yourself, think…, understand where you have come to and where should you go from here… Neither the city nor the society contributes to it…  The hustle consumes the day, days consume the week, weeks consume the month, months consume years…  It consumes even the strongest among us…  We don’t really get to recharge our batteries in The House of God any longer… It feels like at a fair here.  But YOU are stronger than the circumstances:  you are searching for ways to cognize yourself and the World… No one is taking your religion away from you and no one is trying to infringe upon it.  It is the most important part of your life.  It is said in the Bible, the Talmud, the Koran, and the Buddha’s philosophy that a human being should develop oneself and move forward overcoming worldly variances.  And now you HAVE a new opportunity to cognize yourself, hear yourself, advance one step forward in understanding yourself, which in turn will result in GIVING MORE to the WORLD… 

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is a doctor and a writer. As per the Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine, Chopra is rankig forth on the list of the 100 most influential spiritual leaders of the modern world in 2012.
“ The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years”. 

Masha Conte


The Ivashchuks

Galia Ivashchuk
Finally I have decided to write. I am not even going to tell you everything that has happened to us during this one month and a half since we came back from Amazonia… A great deal of different things…

KNOWLEDGE of something new and completely different has opened up to me… and I’ve been feeling this fulfillment, strength and confidence in what I am doing.
At the physical level, my allergies disappeared; the bumps on my hands have practically disappeared or decreased immensely in size (I had a lot of those); blood pressure has stabilized; thyroid has stopped bothering me; blood work results have changed. And most importantly, I have become more peaceful and in better harmony with myself! And for this I am so grateful to you and Sergei: for babysitting us and giving us that opportunity.
At a different level of my life, I have had several absolutely unexpected meetings occurred to me. A bunch of routine moments are being resolved in a new way – some things get fixed by themselves, other things slowdown in an unexpected way. To sum it up, life has become richer. And in return, I know for sure what I need and what I don’t need. Thank you Anastassia!
Dmitriy Ivashchuk – businessman
Dear participants of the trip organized by Holistictravel company!
I would like to express my emotions and impression of those unforgettable days spent at the head of the Amazon river.  For all of us, it was not just a regular trip with sightseeing in Peru. Thank you so much Anastassia and Sergey for the new Knowledge, experiences, overall organization of the trip and of course that care and attention that surrounded us during the whole trip.  We will definitely go again!
With sincere appreciation,
The Ivashchuks: Dima, Galia, Nikolai Grigorievich

Valeriy Sirovskiy

This experience is also pleasant to me, a person who is more or less involved with art and creative work, because thanks to the plant I have seen fundamentally new images that I have never seen before. Of course, new images always come to a human being’s imagination. But these images are mostly based on our passive storage of personal visual experiences that we got from views, landscapes, pictures, movies, human faces, animals, books and other types of “intellectual consumption”. Here one can see images that cannot be compared to absolutely any phenomenon. They are truly new images: new in shape, in the type of move, in this unbelievable type of trust that they provoke. It is something very familiar, some kind of a trustworthy hint, an invitation to open your eyes and believe in your inner potential. We know so little about ourselves that we don’t even know what we can be and who we really are.

Mikhail Gorianinov

We have completed a tour in Peru and along the Amazon river in November 2015.  We liked it  a lot.  Peru is extremely extraordinary country, with the unique culture, people, cuisine and nature.  The Amazon river itself surprised me a lot, as well as visiting its villages spread along the banks, and just in general – Cuzco and Machu Picchu – all of the sights are very interesting.  I  liked the food a lot, especially the turtle soup and guinea pig.  All dishes differ from what we normally eat in Europe.  

But I definitely observe three aspects.  First of all, I have started to do more of the things that I like, that I am an expert in and delegate things to others that are not my specialty.  It has brought good results:  it saves me a lot of time and as a result a lot of money.  Secondly, I now find it possible to do what I have always dreamed about but for some reason wouldn’t let myself do it: find time for hunting, family, playing with children, some hobbies and passions that I thought was a pure waste of time.  I have become more attentive to my own self, my nature, and perhaps, this is the key.

Thirdly, I have become more thoughtful of and caring about people around me, my family, friends.  I have started to communicate with them more often and this is also very important.

Mikhail Gorianinov